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A better way to send notifications

Wave goodbye to frustration 👋 and undelivered messages. Say “hey” to efficient, dependable, and affordable notifications to parents.


Your emails should be exactly that - yours. With heyschool you can make them your own, by adding your logo and school colours.


Use the unique heyschool email editor to create the perfect email for any occasion. Add attachments, inline images, lists, headings, and buttons.

Add attachments to emails.

The heyschool editor in action.

Brighten up emails with inline images.


Send more important notifications via SMS messages, with a clear preview of how they will appear when received.


Using data stored in your MIS, heyschool provides the flexibility of selecting multiple types of recipients. Relevant contacts for each recipient are calculated for you.


Keep track of who is receiving and opening your emails using heyschool’s email monitoring service. Clearly identify email addresses that need updating with bounce reports.


heyschool uses stripe for secure, simple billing. Prices are very competitive, and you can top up your credits with a single click.


Stay in control of your data within your existing MIS. With heyschool, on top of nightly data syncs, you can trigger a fresh sync with a single click.

heyschool uses wonde to integrate with multiple MISs.

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